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At Rio Bravo Cancer Center, we provide comprehensive cutting-edge cancer treatment

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Lung Cancer Program

The Lung Cancer Program at Rio Bravo Cancer Center provides a comprehensive and integrative approach to research, prevention, and treatment of lung cancer. We are here to heal our patients utilizing the most advanced diagnostic technology and tailored therapies available anywhere. We provide complete lung cancer care that will help you live better and longer. Our world class team of medical oncologists and radiation oncologists work closely with world class thoracic surgeons, radiologists, and other specialists. Our dedication is to advancing new ways of saving lives and improving health. Together, we will help develop the right treatment plan that works for you..

At Rio Bravo Cancer Center, our multidisciplinary cancer clinics combine the very best resources and specialists—all within a single location—for a highly coordinated experience that delivers exceptional care. Patients with a new diagnosis of lung cancer can come to Rio Bravo Cancer Center and have multiple specialists review their pathology, radiology exams, and other tests. We will then formulate a comprehensive treatment plan that best suits you. Our program offers the most advanced technology in both the diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer, with many treatments and services not offered elsewhere in Kern County.

When you choose Rio Bravo Cancer Center, you will receive only the most comprehensive and personalized lung cancer care. Our patients have access to the most advanced chemotherapy and the most cutting-edge radiation oncology treatment systems available anywhere in the world. We provide access to top quality treatment, nurse educators, and referrals to clinical trials when needed. We also have access to multiple outpatient programs such as; transportation, financial assistance, meditation, support groups, post-survivorship care, and nutritional programs.

Lung Cancer Care

Our team provides more than just high quality treatment for lung cancer. Our team of healthcare professionals are readily available to answer questions regarding treatment side effects, medicine interactions, lung cancer prevention as well as nutritional questions. Our goal is for complete optimization of wellness during cancer treatment, promoting a healthy lifestyle to prevent cancer recurrence.

Advanced Diagnostic Testing for Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is especially difficult to diagnose because lungs can accommodate large tumors without compromising breathing, and many people don’t experience symptoms as the tumor is growing. As such our team at Rio Bravo Cancer Center conducts comprehensive and thorough screening to ensure we provide an accurate and safe diagnosis. Rio Bravo Cancer Center has access to state-of-the-art technology for diagnosing and staging your lung cancer. We have a comprehensive facility and dedicated staff to ensure an accurate diagnosis and thorough evaluation of your lung cancer. Our facility has access to the latest diagnostic tests including: PET/CT Scan, CT scan, brain MRI, bone Scan, and ultrasound. We also offer cutting edge diagnostic testing of Lung cancer including:  DNA tumor profiling and familial genetic testing to accurately identify and evaluate the type of lung cancer within your body.

• Low Dose CT Scan (Lung Cancer Screening): Early lung cancer detection means treatments with higher cure rates. If you have a heavy history of smoking cigarettes, you may be eligible for our lung cancer screening program that can help with early diagnosis of lung cancer.

• PET/CT: This is an advanced nuclear medicine test that searches the whole body for any evidence of spread of cancer. This technique has much higher sensitivity than traditional CT imaging. The benefit is that this test can help aid in more accurate staging and monitoring of advanced cancer. This results in improved and more personalized treatment for our patients with lung cancer.

• Brain/Spine MRI: This advanced imaging modality allows us to view the central nervous system and detect lung tumors which may have spread into the brain or spine.

• CT Guided Biopsies of Lung Tumors: This technique allows us to biopsy tumors with the aid of CT images. This allows our physicians to accurately target tumors while avoiding the normal organs in the body.

• Bone Scan: This test specifically evaluates the bones to determine if the cancer has spread to the skeletal system. Accurate staging to determine the extent of cancer within the body is crucial to optimizing treatment.

• Thoracentesis: This procedure removes fluid in the lungs which can help with breathing and pain, and will also aid in detecting cancer cells.

Lung Cancer Treatment

When you or a loved one has been diagnosed with lung cancer, you have access to a variety of different treatments designed to shrink or eliminate the cancer altogether. Each patient’s lung cancer treatment plan will be based on several factors, such as overall health, cancer stage and patient preferences. Options include one or more treatments, including chemotherapy, radiation therapy, surgery, or immunotherapy.

• Medical Oncology (Systemic Therapy)
We offer the most advanced FDA approved medical therapies for lung cancer including immunotherapy. The medications and therapies we use provides another level of targeted and personalized treatment for lung cancer.

Immunotherapy: This is an advanced form of treatment that boosts the body’s immune system to fight off cancer cells. Depending on your situation you may be eligible for this advanced and effective treatment which is usually well tolerated with minimal side effects.
Chemotherapy: This is a medication that destroys cancer cells. It is given usually through the veins or sometimes in pill form. Chemotherapy can help shrinks tumors and prevent cancers from recurring in the future.

• Radiation Oncology (Radiation Therapy)
With external beam radiation, beams are directed at the lung tumor from outside the body. Prior to treatment, careful planning is required to determine the best dosage and pathway the radiation beams need to travel in order to maximize effectiveness and minimize damage to neighboring organs and tissue. Advances in the accuracy of external beam radiation have helped reduce the risk and severity of radiation side effects to the lung, heart, esophagus, and other organs.

• Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy
This cutting-edge therapy is able to provide high doses of radiation to lung tumors with extremely accurate targeting. Depending on the stage of your cancer you may be eligible for this safe and effective treatment. Patients tolerate the treatment well with minimal side effects. In appropriate patients this treatment can provide cure rates similar to surgery with as little as 5 daily treatments.

• Surgery
If your lung cancer has not spread outside of the local area, surgery may be recommended. Surgery is often performed in conjunction with chemotherapy and radiation to shrink the tumors to allow for easier removal. We work with only the most experienced thoracic surgeons in Kern County to provide you with the best chance for cure.

Rio Bravo Cancer Center’s Advanced Treatments
for Lung Cancer

• Advanced Personalized Treatment (DNA Tumor Profiling)
The latest research shows that not all lung cancers are the same. This means that not all lung cancers should be treated the same. Our DNA tumor profiling allows for the most personalized and tailored treatment for your lung cancer. Our advanced technology ensures that our patients achieve cure with the most appropriate treatment while minimizing side effects.

• Genetic Testing & Counseling
We offer genetic testing to insure proper comprehensive treatment and to help with early detection for family members. Information is empowering and our goal at Rio Bravo Cancer Center is to help patients understand their individual risks for lung cancer. Through the latest research, we know that those patients with increased genetic risk for cancer require more detailed evaluation.

• Clinical Trials
There are certain cases that do not respond to standard therapy. Fortunately, Rio Bravo Cancer Center has close relationships with major academic institutions and world class lung cancer surgeons with specialization in benign and malignant lung conditions. If necessary, you will be referred to major academic institutions for additional treatment.

Post Survivorship Care

After treatment, our patients are followed closely by our cancer specialists to ensure that the cancer does not come back. We offer close surveillance evaluations after treatment and access to cancer support groups. If required we can also provide referrals to mental health professionals trained in helping patients cope with a diagnosis of lung cancer.

Smoking Cessation Counseling: Quitting smoking ensures a higher chance for cure of your lung cancer, and decreases the chance of lung cancer recurrence. We offer smoking cessation counseling to help you live the healthiest life possible.

Nutrition & Lung Cancer

We know that for most lung cancer patients, being able to help themselves along their road to recovery and to survivorship is important.  We are here to help our patients who want to develop a healthier lifestyle to prevent further health problems. Professional nutritional evaluation is offered to help patients during treatment and achieve overall wellness even after treatment.

Get a Second Opinion

Receiving a diagnosis of lung cancer can be extremely frightening. Many men think and feel that their options are limited and that they need to act immediately. Recent studies have shown that patients with cancer are misdiagnosed or incorrectly staged up to 30-40% of the time. This results in unnecessary treatments that can be detrimental to the patient’s health. This makes a second opinion absolutely crucial; not only to confirm the diagnosis, but to gather as much information as possible to help you make the best decision for your health.

At the Rio Bravo Cancer Center, our team of experts offers consultations for newly diagnosed patients seeking a second opinion about their treatment options. Our goal is to give patients enough information, so they feel comfortable taking the next step in managing and treating their cancer.