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About Vinh-Linh Nguyen, M.D.

Director of Medical Oncology

Photo of Dr. Nguyen with a white lab coat.

Dr. Nguyen was an organic chemist by trade, with a Bachelor Degree of Science in Organic Chemistry, and interestingly, he also earned a minor degree in French Literature, from Temple University, Philadelphia, PA in 1994, summa cum laude. He accepted the invitation to join University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine for all his medical training, despite having many options. His primary reason was that in 1993, Robert Casey, the governor of Pennsylvania had had his double kidney and liver transplant at the University of Pittsburgh.

During his education, Dr. Nguyen was given numerous awards for his outstanding academic achievement, his community service and compassion, and his roles in break-through research in immunotherapy. He has been invited to give multiple lectures, and has also been invited to be the hematology / oncology expert for a popular website

Right after training, Dr. Nguyen was appointed the Medical Director of Tallahassee Cancer Center (part of Capital Regional Medical Center Network), and was there for two years. The damp climate, the rain, and the mosquitoes drove him away to land on this West side of the United States, and he settled in Bakersfield in 6/2007. He fell in love with the people of Bakersfield, the surrounding surrounding communities, and Kern County for their courage, integrity, generosity and hospitality, and for the past 14 years, he has laid deeper and deeper roots in this community, with the hope that he can continue serving for many more decades.

Dr. Nguyen just recently relocated and joined Rio Bravo Cancer, who shares the same vision, same care philosophy, to elevate his level of care and make Rio Bravo the best team of cancer care in Kern County.