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About Dr. Behnood Khodayari

Radiation Oncologist
Department of Radiation Oncology

Photo of Dr. Khodayari smiling.
“Each person’s journey is founded upon unique sets of circumstances and goals, no two are identical. It is my core belief that a physician must take the time to understand the person in front of them and their entire journey. This allows me to take care of the person and not just the illness. From our first consultation, I make it my mission to formulate a customized plan of care to set my patients up for success—this is the essence of patient centered care.”

Dr. Behnood Khodayari is a radiation oncologist with clinical expertise in intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT), stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT/SABR), stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS), image guided radiation therapy (IGRT) which allows him to take care of the most complex cases. He is an active member of multiple national societies, presenter at national conferences, and active in the research community with publications for multiple types of cancer. He takes pride in remaining on the frontier of cancer care advancements and offering his patients the most modern and up-to-date therapies and protocols.

Dr. Khodayari is also very passionate in serving outside of his radiation oncology practice and dedicates time to his community. He was previously a medical director of a free medical clinic serving under-privileged and under-resourced patients, he is the founder of an art therapy cancer support group serving patients and caregivers, and is often found volunteering at various outreach programs to educate and better serve those in his community.

In his free time, he enjoys being within nature, photography, and spending time with his family, preferably all of these at once!

As the Director of Radiation Oncology at Kern County’s newest cancer center, Dr. Khodayari wants to be a pillar of leadership, strength, compassion, and guidance in his patient’s cancer care.